For those with undiagnosed symptoms

Having been adopted in over 54 countries globally,
the "Cellgel Method" for treating lower back pain
is now available in Japan

For those who have been told it was impossible to operate,
For those who have had recurrence of pain post-surgery,
A low-risk, outpatient treatment is now an option for you.

back pain image

If you are experiencing any of the following, we may be able to treat your pain at our clinic, so please call us first for a consultation.

Our clinic specializes in back pain, so we can investigate the root cause of your back pain and discuss a treatment plan to eliminate the root cause of your back pain.
Please consult with us at your convenience.

MRI imaging is the best way to investigate the causes of back pain. We have partnered with medical institutions specializing in imaging with state-of-the-art MRI equipment.
From there, we perform a diagnosis based on MRI images specially processed for imaging and back pain.

Physical Symptoms and Problems

  • Problems in intervertebral discs, bones, joints, ligaments, etc.

    • Intervertebral disc (cartilage) is collapsed
    • Intervertebral disc (cartilage) has lost moisture content
    • Degenerated spine
    • Joints are worn out
    • Distorted spine
    • I was told that my ligaments have thickened
    • I was told that my joints are inflamed
  • Physical manifestation of pain,
    numbness and fatigue

    • Pain in the lower back or buttocks
    • Heaviness in the lower back
    • Leg pain (including both legs or only one leg)
    • Numbness in the lower back or buttocks, pain due to numbness
    • Numbness in the legs, pain due to numbness
    • Pain or numbness in only one leg
    • Pain is worse when standing or sitting for long periods of time
    • Inability to walk long distances
    • Pain in the lower back upon waking up
    • Pain in the lower back when bending forward
    • Pain when standing up or when coughing or sneezing

List of symptoms and possibly related diseases