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Column A French Specialist Trained Our Resident Doctors For The Cellgel Procedure On The Cervical Spine


April 22, 2023

7 months have already elapsed since we opened our clinic in September 2022.

Thanks to all our patients, we have put this time to good use.

Today in this column, we would like to try to convey to our readers the general mood in which was held the training we recently conducted to implement the Cellgel Method on the cervical spine, which until now had only been performed on the lumbar spine.

The training was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Kohlmann from France, just as in the previous training.

After the theoretical training lecture, we held a practical training using a Phantom device (i.e., a dummy reproducing the bones of the neck coated in gel reproducing the human skin).

The next day, we conducted the treatment process and techniques on a monitor patient.

This is a view showing Discogel being injected into the patient.

Actual needle marks consecutive to the treatment.

Reservation for the Cellgel method on the cervical spine (neck area)

We are currently in the process of implementing the Cellgel procedure for the cervical spine, which is scheduled to begin early this summer.

We are already accepting reservations, so please call us or fill out our contact form to make an appointment.

By phone: 090-4202-1624

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