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Column Aggravation of Low Back Pain Due to Cold Weather


We have received a number of reports from patients who have been treated at our clinic or who have inquired about our services,  mentioning that they felt that their pain had become worse since the cold weather started, so we would like to take this opportunity to discuss the relationship between cold weather and pain, as well as the best way to deal with it.

When considering the cause of back pain, a variety of factors such as nerve compression and poor blood circulation in the muscles can come into consideration. When the body is cold in winter, the human body tends to constrict blood vessels to restrict blood flow and concentrate it towards internal organs in order to protect the body. Therefore, when the body remains still for some time, blood flow to the muscles decreases because of the cold. Then, if you try to move your lower back all of a sudden under these conditions, the back will not be able to outstretch at once and you may experience pain. Mental problems can also cause back pain because excessive stress activates the sympathetic nervous system and tends to constrict blood vessels. That is why it is believed that an increase in mental stress may reduce blood circulation to the lower back muscles and cause pain in the lower back.

For chronic lower back pain, warming up the area with a disposable body warmer or such a

similar method tends to relieve the pain.

A good rule of thumb is to warm the lower back area with either a disposable body warmer, hot water bottle, or hair dryer for about 15 minutes. Massages can also be a good way to stimulate blood circulation, so people suffering from chronic back pain may also benefit from those. Taking a hot bath in a bathtub is another very effective method because it will warm the body from the core. Warming not only the lower back but also both armpits and the abdomen can also be effective in promoting blood circulation. Place the body warmer on the lower part of the hips, bordering on the crack of the buttocks. Orient the warmers so that the short side is parallel to the ground. To avoid low-temperature burns, do not apply them directly to the skin, but rather over two layers of underwear. If you only have a single body warmer, apply it directly above your buttocks, facing sideways.

*When using a body warmer, hot water bottle, or warm air, be wary of low-temperature burns.