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Column How to sleep when you have back pain? Postures that do not put strain on the back


● Postures that put strain on the lower back during lower back pain episodes

1 Sleeping with your face down may aggravate back pain due to gravity exercising on the lower back.
2 Sleeping with the painful side down also causes tension in the muscles of the lower back, which may in turn worsen chronic back pain.
3 If you lie on your back with your legs stretched out, your pelvis will be pulled in, which may aggravate the pain.

● How to avoid putting strain on the body

1 Lying on the side: Bend the legs while rounding the back to relieve tension in the lumbar muscles.
2 While lying on your back, place a cushion under your knees so that there is no strain on the pelvis.

● About the bedding
Select a bed that is large enough → Single or larger for one person, double or larger for two people.
Select a pillow of appropriate height → Strain on the neck will extend to the lower back in connection.

Back pain is not a condition that can be immediately remedied, so it is essential to constantly strive to eliminate the strains in your daily life. We encourage you to reduce the strain on your back by paying attention not only to how you sleep, but also to how you get up.