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Column Introducing our clinic, part 1: the Cellgel method

I first found about the Cellgel method when I was researching treatments for back pain on the Internet. Since I have never heard of this procedure before, I would like to know more about this treatment method.

Nice to meet you. I am the director of ILC International Lumbago Clinic. It is likely that you may not be familiar with the Cellgel method, so please let me explain the treatment available at our clinic in layman’s terms.

About ILC International Lumbago Clinic

Our clinic opened in September 2022 and specializes exclusively on solutions for lumbar pain. We are located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, a 7 minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station.

The Cellgel Method for repairing aged intervertebral discs

What is the Cellgel method?

Thank you for your question. The Cellgel method is a treatment that repairs aging intervertebral discs.

Ok…and how does it repair it exactly?

The damaged part of the disc is repaired by injecting a special drug into the disc.

I see…do you mean to say that administering that medicine will repair the disc and remove the pain?

That is correct.

With the Cellgel method, we inject the medication into the deteriorated part of the disc, which then turns into a gel and repairs the cracks.

What is an intervertebral disc?

The intervertebral disc acts like a cushion in between the bones in your spine.

Intervertebral discs deteriorate due to natural aging and prolonged strain.

If the Cellgel method cures back pain, then shouldn’t everyone who suffers from back pain do the Cellgel method?

Although it is one of the treatments to relieve back pain, it is not a cure for all back pain disorders. That is because there are many different causes of back pain.

That’s interesting…

In my next article, I will explain the causes of back pain in simple terms.

Intervertebral discs begin to deteriorate due to natural aging and prolonged strain, as they are unable to maintain their original shape and begin to degenerate.

When the cushioning function of the intervertebral discs deteriorate, causing symptoms such as back pain, this is known as intervertebral disc degeneration.

Next time: What are the causes of back pain?