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Column Recommendations on Hydrating your Body

September 02, 2023

With the temperature continuing to go over the 30°range daily, heat strokes remain a real concern.

So, in this column, I would like to introduce the preferred method for drinking water.

As a general rule, it has been found that it is better to drink water in small sips to ensure proper hydration rather than chugging it down in big mouthfuls.

When rehydrating, most people usually absorb water in one setting and by swallowing it down with big gulps.

This may taste better and make you feel like you have drunk to satiety, but actually, the water may not get absorbed properly by your body.

As a matter of fact, many people get a heat stroke even after they have been drinking water in sufficient amounts, and although other factors such as diet and how you employ your time should also be taken into account, the way you absorb fluids holds a direct relation to heat stroke and lower back pain.

The human body is mainly composed of water, and so is blood. Blood supplies nutrients to muscles, intervertebral discs, and joints, but when the water supply becomes insufficient, the blood flow slows down, and nutrients cannot be delivered in time. If this condition persists, various symptoms (such as pain and numbness) may appear in the body.

This is why you should start changing the way you drink water by taking in frequent but small sips of water on a daily basis.