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Column Sleeping Positions for Back Pain


If you are having trouble sleeping due to back pain, try the following methods:

If you have back pain when you bend over, try lying on your side with your back rounded to relieve the pain a little. If your pillow is not the right height, you may easily hurt your neck, so as a precaution against sleeping on your side, place a cushion or towel under the pillow and adjust it to a suitable height for you.

Lay on your back with a cushion or towel tucked under your knees.

The elevated position of your thighs and knees will alleviate the forward tilt of your pelvis and improve your warped back. If you do not have a cushion, use a rolled-up towel as a substitute and adjust the height to a position that is comfortable for your lower back.

If you have difficulty sleeping on your side, try the above sleeping position.

Sleeping on your back is likely to aggravate a warped back, so if your back hurts when you turn your body over, you should avoid this sleeping position.

If your mattress or bed is sunk in, this will likely cause you to bend your back, which may aggravate the curve of your back.

Disturbances in the autonomic nervous system can also be one of the causes of back pain. We recommend trying to get a good night’s sleep to remedy this.

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Written by Naoki Yoshida, Administrative Director