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Column The Relationship between Muscles and Blood


Today, we would like to talk about the relationship between muscles and blood.

It is a well-known fact that muscles receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood.

But if the quality of this blood is poor or if the blood flow is insufficient, various disorders may occur.

Muscles exchange metabolic waste products and carbon dioxide through blood, but if the exchange is not optimal and the blood supply remains insufficient for some time, waste products accumulate and produce pain-inducing substances.

This may in turn manifest itself as pain.

Blood flows to the key areas in priority. As the most important organs, blood supply to the heart and brain is prioritized, so if the blood lacks fluidity, it is difficult for it to flow all the way to the feet and fingertips. The surrounding tissues that receive nourishment from the capillaries, such as muscles and joints, are less likely to receive nutrients.

This is what is referred to on TV programs as ghost blood vessels.

The reason for cold, swollen, or heavy feet may also lie in insufficient blood flow or blood that is not fluid enough.

To remedy that, first, let’s start with simple massages:

* Place your fingers between your toes and move them up and down.

* Self-massage your calves.

* When drinking water, take one sip at a time for your body to absorb it properly.

* Remember to take deep breaths.

Make conscious efforts to improve your blood flow to send nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and keep them and your joints healthy!