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Column How to Drink Water for a Healthier Body

This time, we would like to talk about hydration.
You may have heard on the internet or on TV that you should drink at least 2 liters of water, or that your body is about 50% to 65% water, so you need to drink a lot.
Water also exists in muscles and intervertebral discs, and the main component of blood is water. Therefore, there is no doubt that water is extremely important for humans.

However, as the word “water poisoning” suggests, this does not mean that the more water you drink, the better it will be for your body.
In Western terms, there is a term called “water poisoning.”
As the name suggests, too much water is poisonous and can cause swelling, fatigue, and in severe cases, vomiting and convulsions.
If the kidneys are healthy, it is basically excreted from the body, but it does place a burden on the body.
Since you are already consuming water through meals, there is no need to feel obligated to drink more than 2L at any cost.
Drink it whenever you want.

The recommended daily intake is two 500ml bottles.
If you are having 2 meals instead of 3, drink the recommended amount of water plus another glass.
We recommend using either room temperature water or hot water depending on the season.

*Guzzling water is prohibited! !
*People over the age of 60 may find it difficult to feel hot or thirsty. Be conscious of hydration.

How to Drink Water to Keep Your Body Healthy

① Don’t force yourself to drink
→If you drink too much water and cool your body down, your blood vessels will become hard.
② Don’t drink too much. Let’s drink it a little by little.
③ Make effective use of raw ingredients and stay hydrated
We also recommend homemade juices and smoothies.
④ If you want to drink but can’t or don’t feel like drinking, set rules. It will become a habit and you will be able to drink.
Example: Drink half a glass of water before a meal and half a glass after a meal, etc. Make decisions to the best of your ability.

〇Tips for hydration
・If you don’t like your stomach getting cold, prepare hot or room-temperature drinks even in summer.
・Try to drink soups such as miso soup and soups with a lighter flavor.
・Make time for tea time and enjoy tea
・Drink a glass of water before and after going out
・Eat foods with high water content such as fruits and jelly for snacks and desserts (watermelon, pear, etc.)

《Recommended drinks that warm the body and promote excretion》
・Ginger black tea (add enough grated ginger to make it taste delicious)
・Black bean tea
・Herb tea
・White water
《Beverage with strong cooling effect on the body》
・Soft drinks
・Iced coffee
・Mineral water

This article was about how to stay hydrated to maintain a healthy body.
We recommend that you mainly drink things that warm your body.
Of course, you should enjoy life when you can.
Taking care of your body on a daily basis will have positive effects on your mind as well.
There was a lot of information this time, so I hope you will read it several times and use it in your daily life.
Please try it out.

ILC International Lumbago Clinic Tokyo
Registered Dietitian Deguchi