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Column Introducing our clinic, part 3: Ideal Candidates for the Cellgel Method

In this article, I would like to talk about which patients are a good fit for the cellgel method.

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About ILC International Lumbago Clinic

Our clinic opened in September 2022 and specializes exclusively on solutions for lumbar pain. We are located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, a 7 minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station.

How back pain occurs

How many different types of back pain do you know about?

Hmm, strained back?

That may be the most famous type of back pain!
This is when the intervertebral discs stick out, apply pressure on the nerves and suddenly become painful.

There are other conditions like an intervertebral herniated disc, where the disc protrudes, and spinal stenosis, where the spinal canal narrows and spondylolisthesis, where the vertebral bodies shift forward or backward.
There are actually many other various diseases such as scoliosis, where the spine curves from side to side.

Examples of various diseases. Click the name to see in detail.

Intervertebral Disc Herniation

The image on the left is an MRI from the side, the image on the right is an MRI from above.
The area in the red box shows a hernia. In this image, the intervertebral disc is herniating from the middle right side.


This is an X-Ray image from the side.

The left image is a “normal” image, the image on the left shows spondyloisthesis towards the front of the body.

If you compare them, it’s easy to see that the L4 vertebrae

Spinal Canal Stenosis

This is a vertical MRI image.
The spinal canal, circled in red, is compressed from the front and back and is narrowed.
Multiple factors are involved, including discs, bones, ligaments, and joints.


This is an X-Ray image taken from the front
The left image is a normal image, and the right image is of scoliosis.
If you compare them, you will see that in scoliosis, the vertebral bodies are not straight but curved.
The degree of scoliosis is measured by the angle of the curve.

Wow! There are so many diseases related to the lower back!

There are various diseases that can cause lower back pain and numbness.

For this reason, there are some diseases for which the cell-gel method of treatment at our clinic is not suitable and is difficult to produce results.

Good indication for lower back pain caused by intervertebral discs!

What does good indication mean?

We believe that the Cellgel method is a good indication because it has a high therapeutic effect, such as ease of pain relief and significant pain relief.

Good indication means easier recovery!

What kind of conditions would make it a good indication?

Well, it’s when the pain comes from the intervertebral disc.
The Cellgel method is very effective when the nerves in the spinal canal are compressed due to bulging or herniated discs.
As for the symptoms, this person is suffering from recurring strained back.
The disease name is intervertebral disc degeneration or intervertebral disc herniation.

I see.
The Cellgel method is a treatment for repairing intervertebral discs, right?

Well, if only the intervertebral disc is in trouble, by performing the Cellgel method, the bulging disc will return to normal.

Therefore, the cause of nerves being compressed by the intervertebral discs is improved, leading to high treatment effects.

So, does that mean that if the problem is other than the intervertebral disc, there is no point in using the Cellgel method?

Treatment for low back pain caused by multiple factors is less effective

Although it is not meaningless, the therapeutic effect of the cell gel method will be lower.

As mentioned in the previous column, if surrounding tissues such as bones, ligaments, and muscles are involved, the cause becomes complicated and the treatment effect becomes less effective.

The Cell-Gel method may reduce pain and numbness even when other factors other than the disc, such as spinal canal stenosis, are involved.

What symptoms are complicating factors?

In terms of disease names, they include spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and scoliosis.
Originally, the was caused by degeneration of the intervertebral disc, but as it progressed, other factors also worsened.
Additionally, if the condition worsens, the risk of urinary problems increases and surgery may be indicated.

I see, it’s no good if the condition gets too bad.
What should I do if it’s too bad?

At our clinic, we improve our patients’ back pain through two methods: treatment to repair the intervertebral disc using the Cellgel method and rehabilitation.

Our rehabilitation clinic specializes in lower back pain.

Next time, I would like to talk about rehabilitation at our clinic.

Currently, the Cellgel method for intervertebral discs is the mainstream treatment method at our clinic.

We will continue to refine our techniques every day so that we can deal with various types of lower back pain in the future.

Next time: About rehabilitation that increases the effect of the treatment