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Column How To Stretch Your Body


There are basically two main types of stretching:

Static stretching

  •  Static stretching is a technique in which the muscles are stretched without moving for a fixed period.

Dynamic stretching

  •  A type of stretching in which the muscles are stretched and contracted repeatedly.

Static stretching should be done for at least 30 seconds while breathing slowly through the nose. It has a relaxation effect and is best done before going to bed. However, since this stretching method tends to relax the body, be careful not to do it before physical exercise, as it will temporarily weaken the muscles and prevent them from performing as strongly as you would like. 

Meanwhile, dynamic stretching is recommended before rehabilitation, running, or other physical activities and to increase the range of motion of the joints. Stretching while moving one’s muscles increases blood flow and muscle temperature in the body. It also improves physical mobility because you are not only moving the muscles in the area you are stretching, but also moving them in conjunction with other parts of the body. If you perform dynamic stretching before bed, your sympathetic nervous system will take over and the quality of your sleep may be affected. 

Both stretches will soften the muscles and make it easier to move the joints. 

Please consider the purpose and timing of your stretches and choose the most effective method accordingly! 

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