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Column Introducing our clinic, part 4: Increasing the results of the treatment with rehabilitation

In this article, I would like to talk about the rehabilitation that our clinic offers.

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About ILC International Lumbago Clinic

Our clinic opened in September 2022 and specializes exclusively on solutions for lumbar pain. We are located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, a 7 minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station.

What is Lower Back Rehabilitation

At our clinic, there are patients that still feel pain after having treatment with us or have back pain that is not related to the intervertebral discs, so for them, we recommend them to our rehabilitation clinic.

Rehabilitation? You mean like what they do at orthopedic clinics that involves warming up the parts that are in pain and stretching, right?

That’s right!
The rehabilitation at an orthopedic clinic usually focuses on the areas that are painful with techniques such as a waterbed or traction devices.
However, our Rehabilitation Center is specifically for lower back pain.

What does Rehabilitation for lower back pain consist of?

I’ll let our Physical Therapist explain this in detail.

Hello, I am the Physical Therapist, Iriguchi.
Simply put, we find the cause of the symptoms like pain or numbness and create a rehabilitation routine that matches the patient’s lifestyle.

You look for the cause of the lower back pain?

During the examination, we look for the specific cause of the current symptoms.
The goal for rehabilitation is to find the types of movements cause that is causing your symptoms and do our best to help you reduce them.

I see! So even if you receive treatment at the clinic, if you don’t fix what causing the problems, you will eventually start to feel pain again?

Yes, exactly that.
For example, if you are working or doing housework, you may be doing a specific action that causes your back pain, so we help you to avoid doing such an action again and create a body that eventually makes it so it doesn’t hurt even when you do that action.

For example,

  • Lifting your child or heavy objects
  • Your posture when sitting on a chair
  • How you stand or get up,

are all types of movement that can put stress on your lower back.

In order to figure out what types of movement and habits cause your pain, we spend a full 20 minutes on the examination before starting the rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation at our clinic is 90 minutes long!

One session at our clinic 90 minutes long.
At am orthopedic clinic, the rehabilitation is usually 20-40 minutes, so we spend 2 to 3 times as long with our patients.
Of that time, 20 minutes is spent on the examination, and the remaining 70 minutes are used for the exercise therapy.

Rehabilitation is so long! By the way, what is “exercise therapy”?

By touching the muscles of the patient while they move, we can see what kind of movements they make. We massage the muscles and aim to improve their condition.

Click here to see some pictures of exercise therapy

I see! But usually, don’t you have make multiple visits to a rehabilitation center usually??

At our clinic, we teach you how to stretch and training exercises you can do at home during the exercise therapy.
We will also identify the movements that are causing your symptoms during the examination, so we believe that you will feel the effects even with just one visit.

At our clinic, we place emphasis on helping patients understand the causes of their back pain and working on them independently.

For this reason, the theme of our clinic is to help patients feel “awareness” during exercise therapy.

I value the experiences I have had, such as how doing these movements caused my back pain, and how my walking became easier after coming to rehabilitation.

We will have you experience “awareness” by observing the way you walk before rehabilitation and the way you walk after rehabilitation.

The image on the left is before rehabilitation, and the image on the right is after rehabilitation.

Is that so! Then I want to at least try going once!

I’m glad that you think so.
Please visit our clinic after treatment or if you are told that rehabilitation is useful during your medical examination.

Mr. Iriguchi, thank you for your explanation.

Next time, we will discuss in detail the treatment method of Cellgel method.

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