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Column “Rest is not best” when it comes to back pain!


Nowadays, back pain is one of the biggest health problems for humanity. Many people tend to rest their back when they have back pain, but in many countries around the world, the idea of “rest is best” has now become a myth. Resting because of pain anxiety only leads to decreased daily activities, muscle stiffness, and further physical and brain disorders, which in turn leads to chronic back pain. An effective measure to improve back pain is to minimize rest and instead incorporate full-body exercises. Posture adjustments, stretching muscles, and adjusting one’s walking stride can improve or prevent back pain.

However, it is important to exercise in a way that is appropriate for your condition, not to make decisions on your own, and to always consult with your doctor.

At our clinic, we use diagnostic imaging and medical examinations to identify the cause of back pain and provide minimally invasive treatment with minimal risk. After treatment, we strive to prevent back pain and improve lifestyle habits to achieve 100% effectiveness in treating back pain.

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