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Column Special Foods Known to Improve Blood Circulation


June 10, 2023

We have mentioned here before the importance of blood circulation.

As a quick reminder, you should know that blood flows in priority to the most important areas of the body.
As such, blood is delivered predominantly to the heart and brain, but if the blood is not fluid, it is difficult for the blood to flow all the way to the small capillaries in the feet and fingertips.
When blood lacks fluidity, the blood flow becomes sluggish, and the time necessary to repair the body when it is injured is also delayed.
This may not be a problem if this is only for a day or two, but what if the effects go on for 10 days, a month, or even a year?

Discs (or tissues) that do not receive sufficient nutriments will not repair in a timely manner and will eventually deteriorate. The relationship between nutrition and tissues is not only true for discs, but also for muscles, joints, and all postoperative treatments.
The type of diet and daily routine chosen postoperatively may also affect the speed of post surgery recovery (or healing) as well as the symptoms experienced.
So, if you eat spices, fatty foods, or oxidizing foods after surgery, there is a very small but real possibility that this may affect the blood circulation and lead to a worsening of the symptoms.
Be aware that we are what we eat daily to build our body!

Here is a short list of foods that can improve blood flow:
・Staple foods should mainly consist of dark-colored foods.
・Since wheat has a tendency to cool the body and to make blood viscous, try to limit your intake of sweet and white breads.
・Eat dark-colored vegetables (I also recommend bell peppers, although they are expensive).
・Drink plenty of water (many people often fail to do this).
・If you are used to seasoning the dishes without measuring the quantities, try flavoring with a single amount.

Others factors to be considered:
・Change your posture every 30 minutes.
・If you work at a desk job, rotate your shoulders regularly, or raise and lower your heels when seated.
・Wear compression stockings (consult a doctor if you have heart disease or vascular system symptoms).

In this article, we have tried to introduce simple dietary tips to improve blood flow.
Blood circulation and diet are also deeply connected to the easing of back pain and its symptoms.
If you are suffering from back symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our clinic and we will schedule a consultation.