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Column Strained back and lower back pain


In Europe, it is called “The witch’s strike” (or “being hit by a witch”). The term “strained back” has become popular overseas as “the sudden onset of severe pain in the lower back, making it very difficult to move freely”.

“Lumbagos” are just a general name for sudden, severe back pain, and are neither a disease or a diagnosis.

It often occurs when attempting to lift something or when twisting the waist, but it can also occur without any action when waking up or shortly after.

There can be various causes of pain:

  • A situation in which the moving parts of the lower back (joints) or cartilage (intervertebral discs) are subjected to excessive force, resulting in injury (sprain, disc damage).
  • Damage to the more tender tissues (soft tissues) such as muscles and muscles supporting the lower back (tendons and ligaments).

If the patient experiences pain or numbness in the lower limbs, or has symptoms such as lack of strength, there is a possibility of a herniated disc, or in middle-aged or older patients, lumbar spinal canal stenosis or other diseases.

If you have experienced unusual and severe back pain and have been avoiding going to the hospital because you are afraid of examination, or if you have had a few backaches, we recommend that you have a checkup soon.

At our clinic, we can treat herniated discs, spinal canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, sciatica, intervertebral arthritis, etc.

Cellgel Treatment

The treatment takes about 20 to 40 minutes to repair the intervertebral disc and remove the inflammation originating from the disc.

Once the disc is repaired, it remains permanently implanted inside the disc, and there are currently no reports of recurrence or disappearance of the implant. After treatment, the Cellgel procedure can be assessed by CT and X-rays to confirm that the disc has been repaired.

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