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Column Treatment for Lower Back Pain


There are many causes to back pain, and each patient’s pain may vary slightly from one to the other. Pain and numbness from the lower back to the calf may be caused by spondylolisthesis, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, or intermittent claudication.

When consulting a doctor, it is important to accurately describe the pain, numbness, and other symptoms that you experience in your daily life. 

If you are having concerns about the treatment

Our treatment makes it possible to treat elderly patients who had given up on surgery, patients who are too afraid to have surgery, as well as patients faced with many complications.

We are also able to treat patients who have had previous surgeries without any visible improvement, or patients who suffered from a recurrence several years after surgery.

In order to achieve this, we require an MRI within 3 months for a more detailed diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Our treatment does not require using a scalpel or making incisions. The treatment is performed with needles only, which is less risky and safer than regular surgery, and is performed as an outpatient procedure, so there is no need for any additional visit to our clinic after the treatment.

Written by Naoki Yoshida, Adminstrative Director