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Column Reviewing Post-treatment Lifestyle Habits


The Cellgel method at our clinic is effective in repairing the intervertebral discs, and it not only improves the efficacy of alleviating the symptoms, but also reduces the recurrence rate to a very low level.
However, it is possible that condition may gradually worsen due to daily lifestyle habits, so it is necessary to review and improve lifestyle habits to further reduce the recurrence rate.


  1. Sitting at a desk for long hours.
    In this case, the lower back, which supports the lower half of the body, is under strain, so the risk of developing low back pain becomes high.
  2. Daily stress affects the brain, which in turn controls blood flow and causes back pain.
  3. Muscle weakness due to lack of exercise.
    When the muscles of the lower back weaken due to lack of exercise, the load on the muscles increase to support the spine, causing lower back pain to worsen.
  4. Heavy labor
    In addition to bending forward, lifting heavy objects causes excessive contraction of the back muscles, which results in a crushing force on the intervertebral discs.


First, try to maintain good posture. It is important to be aware of this not only when sitting but also when standing. Avoid placing stress on one foot on either side, and try to use the entire foot evenly, even when stepping on both feet and putting weight on both feet.

As one of the basic measures to cope with stress, it is important to get a good night’s sleep, exercise moderately, and do stretching. Walking and stretching to relax the back and shoulders are good ways to prevent back pain and relieve stress.

When lifting heavy work or heavy loads, even loads that you think are light, bend your knees to lift them. Lifting heavy objects by lowering your center of gravity reduces the burden on your lower back, and by bending your knees, you can lift loads with the strength of your knee muscles. 


Our Cellgel method can be expected to relieve symptoms such as pain and numbness by repairing the intervertebral disc. In addition, the injected drug implants play a cushioning function as buffer material in the intervertebral disc, which leads to a decrease in the recurrence rate. After that, it is important to improve lifestyle to prevent recurrence. The above preventive measures will further reduce the recurrence rate by taking care of the body.

Written by Naoki Yoshida